wifi Router Login

Why can’t I log into router’s management interface?

Router plays an important role in our usual daily life, a simple Internet accessing equipment will ensure us sharing network, easy to achieve multiple computer Internet access, wireless Internet access. Here is the problem, do you know why you can’t get access to your router’s management page? The following is some information about this issue.

Solution of can’t log into router management page:

First of all, we need first check from the hardware side. If the network cable is plugged to the router, but you still can not log into the management interface, then check whether it’s properly plugged to the router. You need to plug your the network cable both to your computer and your router’s LAN port , don’t plug it to WAN port.

If you confirm your router is plugged correctly, then it is likely that there is an error in the configuration. Check your computer’s network configuration, click to view ‘Network Properties’,
In the box, double-click to configure Internet version protocol 4, and then check IP address and DNS address settings.

If you are using a Linksys router, the default login URL and gateway is, if it is a Netgear router, then the login URL and gateway is To judge which one is the right URL, you can see the instructions on the back of your router. In order to ensure you to login to the router management interface, the computer’s local IP need to be set to – or –

Finally, if you still can not log into the management interface, it is recommended that you restore it to factory settings, or use a mobile phone to connect to the wireless network, and then open the browser and enter the login URL, if you are able to get to the admin center, then try to fix problems.

Warm Tip: After logging in and configuring the router, delete the IP address and DNS address manually entered in the fourth step above and make it obtain IP address automatically. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the Internet.