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How to setup your router’s DNS?

After bought a router, do you know how to set up a DNS in it? In most cases, we know how to modify our computer’s DNS at network setting. In fact, router’s DNS address can also be modified. For example, if you plan to setup an internal VPN network, you need to modify your router DNS address. So how to set up it in the router?

Let’s take a normal router as example, the detailed steps are as follows:

1. At first, open a browser of your computer, enter at the website bar, press the Enter key, the browser will pop-up the router login interface.

2. Then enter your router’s login username and password, some router’s default username and password are both ‘admin’. Then click the confirmation button to enter router setting interface.

3. After you get to the settings interface, look at the left column, click ‘network settings’ to expand more settings, then you can see ‘WAN port settings’ option, click the left side of WAN port settings, it will display current connection status.

4. In the page you will see at the bottom there is a ‘Advanced Settings’ button, click it and it will take you to DNS settings interface.

5. if we want to set DNS server address by yourself, just check ‘manually set the DNS server’ option. And then in the DNS server and backup DNS server box, you can input DNS servers you like, for example, Google’s DNS servers are and While the input is completed, click to save it, then everything is done.

Most router’s DNS server addresses are automatically acquired by your router, you don’t need to modify them. Only in some occasions you don’t trust them or want to test them, you can fill in the router your favorite DNS information.