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How to configure your wireless router’s accessing limit?

There is no doubt that thanks to the development of wireless routers, Internet has been developing very fast. Nowadays, many families might have bought wireless routers for home-use, and enjoy it very much. But what can you do if your router is accessed by others, and they’ve used your wireless signal to download some P2P bittorrents, and make your router’s speed very slow, and sometimes you can’t open any pages. So it’s very important if you know how to configure your router to limit the internet accessing.

Solutions of disallow others accessing your wireless router:
First of all you need to login to your router by entering or depending on what brand of your router is. Of course you can judge which address you need by taking a look at your router’s backside. After you’ve accessed it, go to ‘Network settings’, ‘Advanced settings.

Some routers might have different menus, you can also find the solution in wireless network setting, then click ‘wireless access control’ option in the page.

After the option shows up, you need to select the ‘Allow only’ option, it means you will only allow IP address or MAC address that are permitted by you.

If there is ‘allow MAC address’ option, you need to enter your own computer’s MAC address in the box to ensure yourself won’t be blocked outside your router. If you want to add more MAC addresses, you can click the ‘add’ button, then manually input all the addresses. Then click ‘OK’ to save them.

The steps are same for ‘allow IP address’. After all the above steps are completed, the wireless router will restrict access with those you’ve just added.

If you do not understand what MAC address is, you can click on the left side of the menu ‘wireless client’, it will show you the information.

The above solution is also called ‘white list’ function, which allows someone you know to access your router. There’s another solution named ‘black list’, which will disallow someone you find out to access your device.