wifi Router Login

What should I do if I forget router password?

Router password could be easily forgotten after a long time that you didn’t logged into its management interface. It’s not like router username which is usually the phrase ‘admin’, you probably have changed the default password to a complex one, so it’s not easy to remember what it exactly is. If you forget the router administrator password, I suggest you follow the steps:

1. Check the default password first, search it on Internet, try to find out what phrases it is, it may be ‘admin’, ‘123456’, etc,.

2. Reset your router to factory setting.

First, check whether there is default password.
Look at the bottom of your router, or other parts of it, there is a label which gives you some initial configuration information of this router. If there is a default administrator password, then you can try to login to your router to check whether it’s right. If you can’t find any password information there, try to search your router brand and model on search engines, which will always give you answers.

However, nowadays some major wireless router factories no longer set default administrator password, which means it’s blank. So you can also try to login with user name and blank password.

Second, reset and restore your router to factory setting.
If your router does not have a default administrator password, and you have forgotten it before setting the router. Now the solution is to restore the router to factory settings. How to do this? Reset your router then re-set the password.

How to Restore factory settings?
1. Look carefully at your router, there is a reset button which is always beside ‘Power’ port, below the button there might be some English phrases: Reset, RESET, WPS / RESET, Default and so on. Some of the router reset button is in a small hole inside, pay attention to find it on the router. After your router connected to the power, hold down to the reset button for about 10 seconds, then it will restore to factory settings.

The time for the process is different due to different routers, some routers may need 5 seconds, some may need 3 seconds. The right way to judge this is look at the power light, if it blinks, it means you’ve successfully reset the device.

After the router is restored to factory settings, the router can not be accessed Internet for the time being. Because after factory settings are restored, all configuration information in the router is cleared. So, you need to configure your router from start to make it work normally.